Monday, November 30, 2009

After Thanksgiving

It has been a long hectic couple of months. I got so busy and so tired that I completely forgot about my blog. October was mostly a blur. House training a puppy is exhausting. That is done, thankfully, and it was comparatively easy. There were still many nights of hyphenated sleep involved. Also mixed in there were my son and his wife moving nearby, my husband's cataract surgery, and both my husband and myself having some sort of respiratory infection or virus involving several days of high fever and lots of congestion misery.

One of the high points was Dixie catching her first mole. She entertained herself for quite a while playing with it. I think she finally moved it to a spot with a hole in the ground and it escaped. I did get some pictures. Since then, she has been looking for mice and other varmints when she goes outside, which is exactly what she is bred to do.

The fall colors have been spectacular here at Kalorama this year. There are still some lingering on the trees. The whole hillside glows golden when the sun manages to shine. I hope to get a few pictures before they are all gone.